Thank you!

First of all, thanks for agreeing to read my book and review it, whether thats an Amazon review or a testimonial for the website.

Please don’t forget to join the Facebook Group too. I promise it will be worth your time!

Below here you can download the PDF version of the book in its most recent version. I am making small adjustments up to a few days before it goes live but nothing major.

Get the PDF version of the book

See the Amazon Description

If you have finished reading the book already as some of you have, and would like to send me your initial thoughts. please email me at

For the Amazon reviews I’ll be sending out an email from my system with details and links for different countries, as well as posting the links here.

Due to the nature of the book I don’t see there being any delays with Amazon approving it.

Just so you know, here is the anticipated publishing schedule. If you can help by spreading the word about the book on your own social profiles, especially in the first week to a month, I will be very, very grateful, as will the people who discover the book because of you! I’ll be posting on social media so please either share my posts, or share your own comments about the book.

Now until May 17th – Organic posts and getting more reviewers. I am at about 70 right now and could benefit from about 30 more. If you know anyone in training, HR, project management, leadership training or education, please pass on my email for a free copy. Please do not just forward the PDF to them,.

May 17 – 19th – e-book FREE promotion. For 2 days the e-book / Kindle version will be 100% free.

May 17th and on – the Print version, soft cover only for now, will be available for £14.99. Having done the research and the size of the book this seems to be a recommended price.

May 20th – e-book will be £0.99 for a week.

May 27th – The eBook will increase by £1 per week up to £5.99

From May 17th I will be posting on all social channels I use (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and possibly YouTube and TikTok.) as well as running paid ads. I’ll also be working with a few book promotion sites and some Instagram book review accounts.

The goal is to get 5000 combined downloads and purchases in the first month. That should be enough to get an Amazon Best Seller tag in at least 1 category. I’ll post here when they have been finalised.

Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank again.

theres a reason for that 3 days to launch graphic