“For anyone who has to deal with people, this book has some wonderful gems for how to learn about yourself. Easy to read and will resonate with you in ways you may not have expected. Share these insights in this book with your friends and family!” Richard D – BioComputer Engineer.

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About “There’s A Reason For That!”

I wrote this book both for the people who don’t feel like they’re always understood, and the people who get frustrated with others because they do things you just don’t understand…

…And you want to know why, and what to do about it to maintain your sanity.

If you interact with other humans, ever, you’ll fit into one of these two categories. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your position or role is, or what you think you know about self-help.

My goal is to challenge the way you think about what you think you know, so you can be the change you’re already striving to be.

In short, if you’re breathing then this book is for you!

A lightbulb moment for HR professionals- practical, effective and accessible strategies for everyone in the workplace to get on better, achieve more and avoid time-consuming and stressful conflict and tension.  Essential reading at all levels in any organisation.
Eleanor Deem, Director, face2FaceHR
If you talk to other people, in any setting, this book will help you at least once in the next few days.
Nolan Collins, RAMP-IT Solutions Ltd

“What a great book. It brings together age old wisdom with more recently published authors and research into an easily digestible format. Not only that but each learning point includes actionable steps which make it so much easier to implement.

I started using a couple of the “considerations” even before I’d finished the book and they’ve made a noticeable difference to how much more effective, content and proud of myself I feel at the end of each day.”

Urszula K, IT Project Manager

” This book has a good  balance of science/ psychology  complementing  personal experience and observation – so easy reading for people interested in developing a new approach to everyday human behaviour and collaboration.”

Samantha Feelix, life artist and cultural/social business consultant

Have you ever muttered the words “What were you thinking?”…

…either under your breath or in a moment of frustration out loud. Or “Why did you do that?” and been rewarded with a shrug of unknowing in response?

The people we interact with, like us, have lives and experiences we couldn’t begin to fathom in our attempt to answer those questions – questions that never seemed to get answered to our satisfaction.

Until now.

In a society bombarding us with endless self-help directives to do better, be nicer and be more compassionate with the people around us, it’s time to bridge the gap between being told what we should be doing, and knowing what we can actually do, today.

Nolan Collins, the creator of the solution-driven RAMP-IT framework and a lifelong trainer in several industries from hospitality to wellness to digital marketing brings you 20+ considerations that can help you understand yourself, your co-workers when you don’t see eye to eye, feel like you’re not being heard, or get rubbed the wrong way!

People’s perceptions of each other are often biased and incomplete, and opinions usually stem from a lack of awareness of the many considerations affecting us all every minute of every day.

Nolan delivers 20 honed Considerations, which will help you understand yourself and the people around you more clearly. And when people change or situations shift to the unknown or unfamiliar, you’ll get on better and get more done, with less stress and frustration.

Discovering why you think, feel, speak, and act differently in the many situations you find yourself in will empower you to be more understanding, patient, and compassionate with others AND yourself when you feel your expectations are not being met.

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Inside There’s A Reason For That, you’ll learn:

  • Why people you interact with every day behave the way they do — and how to stop their actions from affecting your happiness
  • Why mindset is not always the problem… and discover how to deal with new, unfamiliar situations at work and home.
  • How to respond when life shifts and things don’t go to plan
  • What determines the results you get in any situation… and how you can use this principle to keep yourself from reacting to others
  • How five simple questions can take the tension out of a stressful situation in a matter of minutes
  • Why personality, behavioural and tendency tests don’t work long term for most people…and what to do instead to understand others better and not excuse yourself from acting badly.
  • To challenge your current beliefs around how to look at others
  • How to break unhelpful patterns, habits and even addictions with a simple phrase.
  • Why people blame external factors or their environment when they feel stuck and overwhelmed – and what to do instead.
  • Questions to ask to help you manage your negative emotions and move away from pain

And much more!

There’s A Reason For That is not your run of the mill self-help or self-awareness book.

Nolan’s solution-driven behaviour thinking approach to coaching delivers situations, stories and actionable solutions. You’ll rethink how you look at and interact with each other and your own thoughts, both at work and in your personal relationships, even when you think all hope is lost.

To understand yourself and the people you interact with daily in an easy to understand, deeper and practical level, learn an easy way to diffuse tension and stress, get along well with them and feel calm in your own mind, enter your email in the form below so you don’t miss the launch and bonuses.


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What The Reviewers Are Already Saying


Why this Book?

This book will change your perspective on dealing with other people.

I wrote this book after years of training people in settings such as restaurants, sales, marketing, training and even dancing, and seeing conflict happen time and time again.

It all came together a few years ago when I experienced so much tension and conflict in workplace meetings, I knew there had to be a better way. Especially as I knew these people didn’t always behave the way they did in those meetings!

I hope you enjoy it.

Regards,, Nolan

A lightbulb moment for HR professionals

Practical, effective and accessible strategies for everyone in the workplace to get on better, achieve more and avoid time-consuming and stressful conflict and tension.  Essential reading at all levels in any organisation.

Eleanor Deem, Director, face2FaceHR

Easy to Read

It’s like Nolan is sitting with you having a coffee while talking openly about how to think in new ways.

Jezelle Greenaway, Company

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